Salvation Army Community Garden to Create Jobs and Boost Food Security for a Second Year

by Maritime
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Even though spring is still a few weeks away, The Salvation Army in Fredericton is already preparing for their community garden by starting plants from seed, building a new greenhouse and hiring local gardeners to assist with the project.

“We are really looking forward to our second year,” explains Susan Strickland, community services coordinator. “In our first year alone we grew over 1,000 pounds of vegetables for people in need.” 

“It’s important to us that everyone can access our garden”

Beginning in 2020, the goal of the garden is to boost food security for seniors and low-income members of the community, while supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to the food bank. The project is maintained by volunteers and two part-time employees hired by The Salvation Army.

“We received a grant to hire two part-time gardeners two years in a row,” she explains. “We’re in the process of exploring more funding opportunities to hopefully hire students as well.”

The garden is available to all members of the community, creating an inclusive space for all.

We have raised beds to make it easy for seniors to reach the plants, plenty of space for those in wheelchairs and many more accommodating features,” Susan explains. “It’s important to us that everyone can access our garden.”

“We have figured out ways to safely grow our garden”

This year, Susan and her team also plan to expand the project by building a greenhouse, planting fruit trees and adding additional workshops, which teach the community how to start seedlings, manage a garden and work together.

“The pandemic definitely made our first year more challenging than expected, but we have figured out ways to safely grow our garden and run our workshops even during these unique times.” 

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