Volunteer Stories

Volunteering Improves Lives

Posted on 11th August 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
“I had just graduated from college and couldn’t find work,” says Tiffany.  “My husband heard a plea for Salvation Army volunteers on the radio and thought that the experience would give me an opportunity to develop new skills. And he was right.” Four days a week, Tiffany volunteers at The Salvation Army’s community lunch program  […]

Volunteer Shares How Giving Back Changed Her Life

Posted on 11th August 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Philomena is one of 136,000 volunteers across Canada who dedicate their time to helping people through the work of The Salvation Army. “I started volunteering at The Salvation Army 14 years ago,” says Philomena. “I had to quit my full-time job as a housekeeper because of Fibromyalgia―chronic muscle pain and tender points, fatigue and sleep  […]

Teen Volunteers at Salvation Army After-School Program

Posted on 16th February 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Jamie-Lynn (left) cuts cucumber with after-school participant
Jamie-Lynn started attending an after-school program at The Salvation Army in Kingston, Ont., when she was seven-years-old. Today, the 14-year-old volunteers at the same place where she learned how to read and write. “After I learned how to read, write and do math, I passed school with flying colours,” says Jamie-Lynn. “I love it here.”  […]