Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking
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For more than 150 years, The Salvation Army has stood firmly behind individuals impacted by slavery and human trafficking.  Woven throughout the pages of our history is our commitment to eradicate all forms of slavery and trafficking by advocating for legislative change in governments, opening over 100 global safe houses to help those fleeing exploitative circumstances, providing platforms for people with lived experience  to speak into and lead change, and engaging in preventative, protection, and support efforts.

Today, there are more than 40 million women, men, and children globally impacted by this injustice[1].  In Canada specifically, there is an estimated 17,000 people enslaved[2].  While difficult to determine the scope in Bermuda, we know there is no country exempted from slavery and human trafficking happening within its borders.

In Canada and Bermuda, we are committed to serving people who are at risk and have lived experience, their families and friends, and reducing the demand.   Through our programs, we provide ongoing support and services including:

·      Victim Advocacy

·      Crisis / Emergency Intervention

·      Safety Planning

·      Short and Long-Term Housing Supports

·      Trauma Informed Care

·      Survivor Peer Support

·      Legal Assistance

·      Life Skills Training

·      Economic Training

·      Education

·      Survivor Led Case Management

·      Mental Health and Addictions Support

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For more information about our modern slavery and human trafficking response work and programs across Canada, please click here.

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[1] Global Slavery Index 2021

[2] Global Slavery Index 2021