More than three million Canadians live in poverty—that’s one in 11 people. Many of them struggle to afford life’s basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

Why should we care?

Dignity is a fundamental, human right for all. No one should be hungry, struggle to find a job or be forced to sleep on the streets. Communities prosper when people are able to provide for themselves, without facing undue hardship in accessing life’s basic needs.

What can we do about it?

Helping someone in need doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. With a little time and compassion, you can encourage others when they need it most.

Help transform a life.

1. Call your local Salvation Army, ask the question “how can I help?” and get the specifics involved.

2. Donate food to your local Salvation Army food bank. Items such as canned beans, tuna, soup, cereal, dried pasta, powdered milk, school snacks and canned vegetables are greatly appreciated.

3. Clean your closets and cupboards and take gently used items to your local thrift store.

4. Volunteer. Volunteers are our backbone, helping us serve over 1.85 million people a year.

5. Organize a neighbourhood or company food drive.

6. Create a care package to drop off at your local Salvation Army that includes items such as shampoo, socks and toothpaste.

You can make a difference. Encourage people who are struggling and help them to see hope in their future.