*Details of the 2015 “Offer a Stay” are to come*

Offrez-une-nuitee-2(2014)From October 2nd to the 8th and October 11th to the 16th 2014, the 2nd edition of Offer a Stay campaign was held to raise funds for The Salvation Army of Quebec housing shelters. Every 10 dollars raised can finance the equivalent of one night and a hot meal at The Salvation Army. Donations also help to purchase furniture and make improvements to the property. A total of 445 people had a place to stay thanks to donations. In honor of their generosity, donor’s names were pinned on a huge bed representing overnight stays in Salvation Army shelters. The Salvation Army team would like to thank the population for its generosity. This campaign was motivated by an increase in usage at the Salvation Army shelters in the National Capital.

The Salvation Army is pleased to be associated with Dormez-vous for this fundraiser. Lynn Martel was the president this year. Dormez-vous gave out 54 new mattresses fitted with protective covers and mattress protectors to Salvation Army shelters.