L'Hôtellerie pour hommes

Founded in 1958, L’Hôtellerie pour hommes is a residence for men in crisis. Its purpose is to avert homelessness and social isolation.centre-dhébergement

The center offers room and board with supervision and monitoring of residents. Interventions aims to improve:

  • The development of a positive attitude in life
  • Tenants are able to regain a sense of self-worth
  • Maintaining and developing links within the community

L’Hôtellerie pour hommes has the capacity to accommodate up to 61 men 18 and up (12 dorm beds and 49 singles beds in single and double rooms). Duration of residents stay is determined by the needs and goals set by the resident. It may be determined at any time.

People struggling find L’Hôtellerie pour hommes and la Maison Charlotte to be a calm, clean and safe environment. The individual rooms offer a degree of privacy, and the common rooms offer the opportunity to meet other people in order to break isolation. Equipped with an elevator, and access ramp, adapted rooms and bathrooms.

Services Offered:

  • A private furnished room or a bed in the dormitory
  • Showers, shared bathrooms and laundry facilities
  • Cleaning products are available for room maintenance
  • Three meals a day
  • Several living rooms with TVs and a dining room

The cafeteria provides three meals per day to residents, the cafeteria however is also open to anyone who is in need.

70% of people who spend a few nights in a dorm decide to pursue a reintegration process and remain in the rooms at L’Hôtellerie pour hommes. 56% of people working in correlation with housing agents, were able to relocate. Every year The Salvation Army shelters 21,800 people for overnight stays and gives out 60 250 meals to help those in need.

Shelters Missions:
The Salvation Army is on a mission to help adult men and women in difficult and/or at risk of homelessness to find shelters and to meet their immediate needs and provide support services.

Our volunteers are always there to welcome, mentor and guide people in need, whether for a few nights or several months. Personal service and an approach based on the individual’s strengths are established to promote the recovery and reintegration into the community.

The Salvation Army is an organisation that helps a diverse clientele made up of a range of issues, which demand a very versatile team.

Every year, over 1,100,000, Quebecers go to The Salvation Army for support, assistance and comfort. The Salvation Army helps over 3 000 000 individuals by offering meals, beds, housing services, counselling and clinical care.

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