La Maison Charlotte

Opened in 1998, Maison Charlotte can accommodate 18 women aged 18 to 65 with the length of stays based on residents’ needs. The residence works closely with the government. Maison Charlotte offers residents compassion, respect and security, warmth and support, to keep them off the street.


Services Offered :  

  • 18 furnished, private rooms
  • Showers, communal bathrooms and laundry facilities
  • Cleaning produits are available for room maintenance
  • Three Meals a day
  • Individual or group counselling
  • Several living rooms with TVs and a dining room
  • Occasional activities inside and outside facilities


The cafeteria
 provides three meals per day to residents, the cafeteria however is also open to anyone who is in need. Every year there are 21,800 overnight stays and 60,250 meals offered in Salvation Army shelters in Quebec.


 Shelters Missions:

The Salvation Army is on a mission to help adult men and women in difficult and/or at risk of homelessness to find shelters and to meet their immediate needs and to provide support services.

Our volunteers are always there to welcome, mentor and guide people in need, whether for a few nights or several mouths. Personal service and an approach based on the individual’s strengths are established to promote the recovery and reintegration into the community.

The Salvation Army is an organisation that helps a diverse clientele composed of a range of issues, which demand a very versatile team.

Every year, over 1,100,000, Quebecers go to The Salvation Army for support, assistance and comfort. The Salvation Army helps over 3 000 000 individuals by offering meals, beds, housing services, counselling and clinical care.

5, McMahon Street
Quebec (QC) G1R3S3
Telephone: 418 692-3956, ext. 2
Fax: 418 694-5757