The Booth Centre

Centre_booth_MTL_ENGThe Booth Centre is a community organization that opens its doors to men 18 and older who face homelessness, addictions or mental health issues.

Established in 1897 on Commune Street as “The Lighthouse Food and Shelter Depot”, its address changed several times over the following decades. A new building was built in 1958 in the South-West borough of Montreal. Since then, the Booth Centre has remained at the corner of Guy and Saint-Antoine. The centre can
accommodate up to 207 residents. Lodging includes meals, basic
care, access to various activities and more.

Booth Center PROGRAMS:

  • Ancrage_logoThe Ancrage: take control of your life
    The Ancrage accepts men 18 and up who have alcohol or drug addictions, are aware of their addictions and the damage it has caused in their lives and want to get back on their feet. They must be physically and psychologically able to participate in the various activities of the program. It also uses cognitive-behavioural and reality therapy approaches. It takes into consideration the biopsychosocial and spiritual dimensions of the person. All is done in an atmosphere of respect and dignity where the individual is valued and a sense of responsibility and honesty are taught: values which are in line with those of The Salvation Army and the Booth Centre. Thus, in the course of therapy, the resident is looking to implement effective solutions to overcome difficulties (psychological, social and spiritual levels). Efforts are not simply aimed at ending drug or alcohol use, but also at changing his thinking to break out of the cycle of addiction. The program puts a high level of importance on the steps to becoming autonomous in a responsible way. The program is therefore divided into 4 phases.


  • GOUV_ENGThe Gouvernail:Off the street
    The Gouvernail offers housing and a supportive community to men 18 and up. Its services address those who want to take control of their life and improve their social and personal well-being. Support for the residents in their process of social reintegration is provided by a multidisciplinary team trained in psycho-education, social work, addictions, psychology and sociology. The minimum stay is one month, but the length is determined by the needs expressed and the objectives established by the resident, and can be ended at any time he wishes. His objectives are re-evaluated every 6 months. Residents are encouraged to develop a positive outlook on life; to take responsibility to take back power over their situation; integrate back into the community. The objective is to create trust within the residents by giving them the necessary support; break isolation; encourage group activies; provide long-term accommodation; provide good living conditions and a healthy and safe environment.


  • TLogo-LE-RIVAGEhe Rivage: Getting started on the right track
    This service has housed and given support to men 18 and older who have severe and persistent problems related to mental health. Keeping them in the community by breaking the pattern of going back and forth between hospital and street, using various types of intervention and activities, residents are strongly encouraged to assume an active role in society. Stays are flexible and vary depending on the support program established according to the resident’s expectations and the recommendations of the treatment team. The Rivage has a dual goal for the men it takes in: one is, stability in their physical and mental health; and the other is, the ability to take responsibility for their own needs. The team helps them maintain and increase their autonomy and improve their personal circumstances (as they choose and at their own pace).


880, Guy Street
Montreal (QC) H3J1T4
Telephone: 514 932-2214