L'Abri d'espoir

L’Abri d’espoir is aLogo L'Abri_NB residence operated by The Salvation Army. Its mission is to provide housing to adult woman in difficulty, to meet their immediate needs and to offer services and programs in order to foster their reintegration.

Its clients are women in crisis, aged 18 and over, with or without children. Sixty beds are available for stays of anywhere from one night to 24 months.

L’Abri d’espoir is open 24/7. Lodging includes meals, basic care, moral support, access to bilingual services and more.


Several programs are offered

Abri d'espoir

  • Short-term: The mandate of the short-term program is, firstly, to fulfill the basic needs of the residents in order to stabilize their situation and refer them to adequate resources that meet their life objectives. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools they need to deal with their social, political, family, economic and cultural environment. An intervention plan is elaborated with the collaboration of the clients according to their goals and abilities, helping them define their goals. The housing capacity of short-term is 30 beds in 15 rooms (double occupancy).
  • IMG_4487_LQLong-term: This program offers individualized services to women in crisis who want to be self-sufficient and financially autonomous. Qualified friendly bilingual staff accompanied each resident through a program tailored to their needs. In addition, residents participate and contribute to the development of their intervention plan. It provides referrals to other organizations and structured follow-up with plenty of support. The capacity of housing long-term is 12 individual rooms.
  • Abri d'espoirFamily program: This program includes short and long-term lodging for women in crisis who have children. Qualified workers provide support to help residents assume their responsibilities toward their children, and accompany each resident and their children at their own pace, and according to a case plan. Proposed activities promote social reintegration. Teaching services are also available to encourage children’s development. Six rooms are available to accommodate six women and 10 children.


Our Vision

  • Improve the living conditions of women in difficulty by providing an appropriate environment and personalized services promoting independence for their reintegration into society.
  • To promote the well-being and health of residents by placing the client at the center of our efforts, using our various housing programs, our programs and our partnership with several community organizations to:
  • Guide women to specialized resources according to their specific  needs whether it is therapy, specialized mental health centers, drug rehabilitation centers, supervised apartments, hospitals, etc. – Promote their return to school. – Reintegrate women into the labor market. – Facilitate the return to life in housing, etc.
  • Welcoming a clientele of women 18 years of age and older, with or without children of various cultural backgrounds and origins, whatever the problematics.
  • Provide emergency housing in the short and medium term for a period of stay ranging from one night to 24 months.
  • Increase the success rates of steps and interventions in order to reach the most women in difficulty as possible, with the best approaches at the best possible cost.
  • Promote the involvement of residents and provide the necessary support in their efforts to maximize the achievement of their personal goals, moral and physical rehabilitation by:
  • The values of the center focused on respect and dignity, – Internal policies, – Qualified and dedicated staff, – Peaceful and secure environment, – Continued psychosocial assistance – Individualized intervention plans – Activities and workshops on personal development.
  • Work to constantly improve the quality of services by means of effective control and involvement of staff.
  • Ensure the continuity of services to the community within budget constraints.

Our Values

L’Abri d’espoir adopts an approach that is based on values ​​of fairness, justice, social equality, respect, dignity, non-discrimination, privacy and freedom. The staff tries to establish relations of trust imprinted with collaboration, flexibility, honesty to ensure the excellence of its services and maintain an environment conducive to personal development. Both employees and residents benefit from: – The right to physical and moral integrity, – Respect for privacy and confidentiality, – Right to information.


The Salvation Army has implemented its social services for women in Montreal since 1890. It became the first organization in the region to offer help, support and shelter for women in distress, especially single mothers. Since then, in a spirit of innovation, the Army has established various programs to meet new demands, new challenges and meet the changing needs of the target audience.


Phone  514-934-5615
Fax: 514-934-0437


Apply Online


Before to apply online you should read attentively the following informations :

  • Zero Tolerance Policy No consumption of either drugs or alcohol is tolerated inside and outside the Abri.
  • No form of violence or agresiveness is tolerated whether it is towards the staff or other residents
  • You can only bring ONE MEDIUM-sized bag containing your personal belongings (the equivalent of a reusable grocery bag)
  • Services Offered : Meals, laundry, activities as well as a pastoral service.
  • Wake-Up at 7 a.m. on week days; Curfew at 11 p.m. every night (therefore, if you sleep elsewhere, you risk losing your place)At your arrival:
    • The House Code as well as other documents will be presented and signed;
    • All your clothes will be washed in A SINGLE LOAD of laundry;
    • You will have to take a shower;
    • We will ask you some more questions.
  • Residents are two per room; the rooms’ doors and wardrobe remain unlocked for security reasons.
  • All medication and sharp objects (razors, scissors, nail clippers) are kept in a locked cupboard in the counsellors’ office.
  • Counsellors are available to meet with you 24/7 and a follow-up counsellor will be assigned to you shortly after your arrival. We ask that you be proactive during your stay.

Formulaire de préadmission en ligne

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *Vous devez emporter tous vos médicaments le jour de votre admission, à l'exception de la méthadone qui doit être prise à la pharmacie. / *You must get all your meds with you the day of your admission, except Methadone must be taken at the pharmacy