Thank you Tenaquip

Posted on 18th October 2016, by roxane
Tenaquip foundation
Thanks to Tenaquip Foundation, our Community and Family Services now owns a new refrigerated truck, allowing us to carry more donations, keep food fresh and decrease our operations costs. This vehicle also helps us to deliver furniture and other articles to disaster victims several times a week. Thank you Tenaquip, you really are making a  […]

Rosemont’s mobile canteen launching

Posted on 28th September 2016, by roxane
The launching of Rosemont's mobile canteen was held yesterday evening. The project's aim is to be a rendez-vous that not only helps to strengthen food safety initiatives, provide a hot meal, coffee and snacks to people who have few resources or experiencing homelessness. But it's also a great opportunity to interact with local residents and  […]


Posted on 18th August 2016, by roxane
On August 18th, more than 700 children received new backpacks filled with school supplies. A special thank you to Ms. Monique Vallée and Mr. Francesco Miele, City of Montreal councillors, for their presence and mostly, their encouraging words to the children. Ms. Vallée and Mr. Miele stressed the importance of academic perseverance and going back  […]

National Doughnuts Day!

Posted on 8th June 2016, by roxane
Journée nationale des beignets
Today was the ‪#‎NationalDoughnutday‬! Today we honor the courage of the Word War 1 soldiers and The Salvation Army's volunteers who distributed doughnuts to the soldiers. Thank you to Krispy Kreme who generously donated the ‪#‎doughnuts‬ that we distributed in Montreal and on the South Shore.