Discovering the Importance of Volunteering

Posted on 10th May 2021, by The Salvation Army in Canada
Payton helping The Salvation Army’s community and family services in Montreal.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought many life adjustments for 11-year-old Payton and his family. As he looks back, none of the changes were more impactful for him than the cancellation of organized hockey and the decision to be homeschooled for the 2020-2021 school year. The loss of activity and time with friends was challenging as Payton  […]

Celebrate Earth Month by Shifting to Thrifting

Posted on 12th April 2021, by The Salvation Army in Canada
Celebrate Earth by refreshing, recycling and restyling your wardrobe by thrifting.
When it began in 1970, Earth Day’s mission was to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide—an imperative that we know is more important today than ever. April 22 is a time to recognize climate change and challenge us to see environmental issues as threats to everyone and everything, but particularly our most vulnerable  […]

Looking Beyond His Disability

Posted on 31st March 2021, by The Salvation Army in Canada
Rabin Betkhoodoo, with help from The Salvation Army, he is pursuing his ultimate goal—to use his graphic design skills in a small business of his own.a
“Never allow your disabilities or weaknesses to prevent you from achieving any of your goals,” says 45-year-old Rabin Betkhoodoo. “You have to look beyond your challenges to succeed in whatever you put your mind to.” Born in Iran in 1976, and part of the Assyrian community, he was diagnosed at birth with spastic quad cerebral  […]

Memories of The Salvation Army During Wartime

Posted on 10th November 2020, by The Salvation Army in Canada
From Normandy’s beaches to the liberation of Holland, Dartmouth native Henry proudly served his country during the Second World War. Throughout the years, he shared many war stories with his daughter, Mary. One always stood out to her—the work of The Salvation Army. “There was no conscription to join the Canadian forces for the Second  […]