The Power of a Secret

Posted on 26th January 2015, by karine
Centre Booth Resident
Réjean had an ugly secret. He concealed it to protect a family member—but had no idea the depth of personal harm that would cause. Revealing the traumatic experience was the only thing that could set him free. And the longer he waited, the more destructive was its impact. “At age 12 I was abused by  […]
Pharmaprix Cheque Presentation
Pharmaprix Shaheen Bajgiran presented a cheque for $13,000 to The Salvation Army’s Abri d’espoir. The goal of the donation is to give women better access to services and programs towards their health. The cheque was officially presented in the 1500 Ste-Catherine West’s pharmacy on Tuesday December 23rd. Pharmaprix Shaheen Bajgiran’s team and customers were on  […]
Gerneral Cox Shaking Hands with Pope
The first-ever private meeting between a Salvation Army General and a Pope was an occasion where the grandeur of the surroundings of the Vatican was in contrast to the informal warmth of the interaction between the world leaders of The Salvation Army and the Roman Catholic Church. The meeting was the culmination of conversations held  […]

LEMAY employees contribute to the Christmas Hampers

Posted on 18th December 2014, by karine
LEMAY Group Donation
This year again, the LEMAY employees have chosen to get involved in their community by raising money and commodities to offer help to those who need it most. Mrs. Sylvie Contant, at the head of the philanthropic initiative has received support from several colleagues, including Mrs. Hélène Duhaime, Mr. Richard Cadinal, Mr. Felix and Mr.  […]