Press Release: Covid-19 Updates

Posted on 23rd September 2020, by larisa
The Quebec Division of The Salvation Army wishes to express its concern regarding the recent announcement by the provincial government to restrict attendance in places of worship to a maximum of fifty people. We want to understand the reasons justifying this restriction being applied to churches when a different standard applies to other gathering places such as  […]
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Salvation Army Brings Backpacks to Families in Need

Posted on 21st September 2020, by larisa
Starting a new school year can make students feel excited, anxious, relieved, and many other emotions. Although this year’s back-to-school experience will be entirely different, those experiencing poverty, including 560,000 Canadian children, face even more stressors this season. Nationwide, many children from low or fixed-income households will be without proper school supplies because their parents  […]

The Salvation Army: Anti-Racism Address

Posted on 10th September 2020, by larisa
Greetings, I come to you today to acknowledge the deep concern around the ongoing scourge of racism in our country and world. We see the frustration and anger boiling over on the daily news, and our hearts ache at the injustice. We acknowledge that Black, Indigenous and other people of colour continue to be marginalized  […]
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The Salvation Army’s National Recycling Operations serve through retail and recycling by diverting waste from landfills with 106 thrift stores and 10 distribution and recycling centres. These frequent thrift shoppers from different walks of life give their reasons for shopping second-hand. Kristen is passionate about sustainable living and climate justice. “Shopping at Salvation Army thrift  […]