Expanding our community reach

Mélisa Tardif (new Divisional Commander of Qubec) with Shona and Keith Pike (former Divisional Commanders of Quebec) in from of the new multi purpose canteen.
by The Salvation Army in Canada
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    June 11 2021,

    The Salvation Army Quebec division received its newest Emergency Response Vehicle that was built in Laval Quebec, thanks to a donation from the Rogers Family Foundation.

    The Rogers Family donation has allowed The Salvation Army in Quebec to purchase a multiple purpose canteen. The primary function of the vehicle will be for Emergency Disaster Services and secondly, it will act as a Community Response Unit.

    The vehicle will also be used all year round for extreme weather conditions. In the summer, it will allow us to provide cold water and snacks, and during the winter season hot drinks and warm meals. The addition of this vehicle will improve the efficiency of our street ministry feeding programs.

    “With this multipurpose canteen we can provide support and help directly where it is needed, on the streets and alleys of Montreal.“ says Brigitte St Germain Divisional Director of Public Relations.

    “The pandemic has brought forefront the challenges the homeless face on a daily basis.“

    The Quebec division continues to improve on the services we provide to our communities by giving hope and dignity to those we assist. Partners like the Rogers family foundation allows us to serve more people that are in need.