Hockey Night at the Booth Centre

by larisa
Categories: Hope stories, News

    The 24th of June was a very special day for some of the residents of the Booth Centre in Montreal. The participants of the Anchorage/Delta program which is dedicated to help men over the age of 18 to overcome addiction issues through therapy and social reintegration.

    In the context of the Fête nationale du Québec, most people view this day as a celebration where friends and family gather to party. For a person with addiction problems, this day can represent a major challenge be because of the festive context and overconsumption.

    This year, the participants of L’Ancrage/Delta had the opportunity to spend this day filled with activities and a BBQ to liven up the late afternoon.

    The Montreal Canadiens were playing game 6 of the 3rd round of the playoffs with a chance to clinch a spot for the Stanley Cup Finals. In the evening, the men had the chance to watch the hockey game on a giant screen outside on their patio proudly dressed in Montreal Canadiens apparel. This was made possible thanks to a wonderful donation from the Montreal Canadiens Foundation.

    The participants of L’Ancrage/Delta would like to thank Mr. Geoff Molson, president of the Canadiens Hockey Club and his foundation for the apparel donated on June 24th. Thanks to your generosity, the participants of L’Ancrage/Delta were able to savour the victory, by having lived a day filled with emotions while remaining sober.