Back to School

Rentrée des classes
by lestershepherd
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    Friday August 3 2018, The Salvation Army and the Montreal Alouettes and teaming up to collect school supplies for families in need.

    With one in seven Quebecers living in poverty, buying back-to-school supplies creates a great deal of pressure and stress on families.

    Children from low-income families often fear going back to school and not being able to fit in. Our program will help them not to feel different from other students, but will help build their self-esteem and provide them with an equal opportunity to succeed.

    The backpacks will be filled with school supplies: geometry sets, calculators, rulers, exercise books, markers, pencils and pens.

    Come support our initiative by bringing new school supplies to the Alouettes game on August 3rd, or by dropping them off at the Thrift store nearest to you.


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