The Salvation Army Prairie Division Welcomes Back the NHL

by jmifsud
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    Members of the Prairie PRD Team Welcoming Back the NHL

    Winnipeg, MB – Some members of the Prairie Public Relations and Development staff were at the historic announcement by Mark Chipman of True North Sports and Entertainment and Gary Bettman of the NHL about the return of the NHL to Winnipeg.  We welcome the NHL back to the Prairies and share in the excitement of the city in welcoming back a professional hockey team after 15 years.

    We appreciate the support we have enjoyed from other professional sport teams such as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in helping Give Hope Today to those less fortunate.  We hope to continue developing valuable partnerships with all our local professional sports teams including the new NHL team in helping those less fortunate attain the dignity that each and every person deserves.

    For more information on how you, your organization or group can help support the efforts of The Salvation Army in your community, please call the Prairie Division at (204) 975-1033.