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Major Susan van Duinen – Divisional Commander Manitoba & NW Ontario Division (far left), Michele Strain Supervisor of LEEP program, the honorable Steven Fletcher (centre), Commissioner John Nelson (R) Director of Multicultural Family Centre (far right) Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 6, 2009 — At-risk youth in Manitoba will get valuable job-preparation training thanks to the Government  […]

WKRP in Winnipeg: Putting People to Work

Posted on 17th February 2009, by
The Salvation Army’s WKRP Program brings employment skills to those who have none by Ken Ramstead   Last month, we profiled the innovative STEP program in Winnipeg, which helps people attain a literacy level needed for gainful employment. But once they can read and write, what then? This is where The Salvation Army’s WKRP program  […]

Womens Camp 2009

Posted on 13th February 2009, by
Unfolding Grace So we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace.  2 Corinthians 4:16 (The Message) Nancy Turley, guest speaker Friday, June 12th  […]

New Community & Emergency Services Vehicle

Posted on 31st January 2009, by
It is after much anticipation that we announce that the Manitoba and North West Ontario Division has recieved a brand new Community & Emergency Services response vehicle.  As a result of a very generous donation and great partnership with FED EX, the Salvation Army and the community in which we serve will now benefit for many years to  […]

Festival of Prayer

Posted on 21st January 2009, by
The annual festival of prayer for Christian unity took place at Heritage Park Temple In Winnipeg on Sunday January 18, 2009. The service was led by the Divisional Commander of Manitoba & North West Ontario Major Susan van Duinen (also co-chair of the festival).  Major Ray Harris and Major Julie Slous along with several other people from a  […]

BC Flooding – The Salvation Army Responds

Posted on 13th January 2009, by
THE SALVATION ARMY DEPLOYS A COMMUNITY CRISIS RESPONSE UNIT TO THE CHILLIWACK COMMUNITY OF GREENDALE, AFTER UP TO 12 HOMES WERE EVACUATED DUE TO FLOODING On Thursday, January 8th, a state of emergency was declared in Chilliwack as a result of flooding due to snow melting, heavy rainfall and rising river levels. Up to 50  […]

Gifts of Hope Campaign

Posted on 12th January 2009, by
Do you hear what I hear? 293 bleating goats, 104 oinking pigs, 9 mooing cows, 221 laughing children, 140 women reading, 312 children snoring (safely tucked under a mosquito net), 300 families gulping clean water, 82 rural clinics stocking shelves … Noel Regney’s song, Do You Hear What I Hear, invites each of us to  […]

Golf Anyone?

Posted on 7th January 2009, by
Yes Golf??? While it may be hard to start thinking about Golf when the temps are -35 and the snow is blanketing the ground, we wanted to give everyone hope that the snow will disappear, the temperature will warm up and the annual Salvation Army Golf Tournament will take place.  This year it will be held  […]

Kettle Results Encouraging

Posted on 31st December 2008, by
  While it is still a little early as all units have not yet reported their final totals for this years Kettle Campaign, in the following three centres results are very encouraging….   Brandon  – 2008 Objective $35,000.00 – Actual Result $42,000.00 which is 20% over the objective. Thunder Bay – 2008 Objective $110,000.00 – Actual  […]