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Grace Hospital Celebration

Posted on 7th May 2009, by
The Salvation Army invites everyone to “Celebrate the Legacy of the Grace Hospital” in Winnipeg on Mothers Day (Winnipeg, Manitoba – May 6, 2009) – The Grace has been supporting the health care needs of Manitobans since 1904 and this Sunday May 10, 2009 The Salvation Army invites everyone to come and join together in  […]

Operation We Care – Fundraising Campaign

Posted on 23rd April 2009, by
The Salvation Army Manitoba & North West Ontario Divisional Emergency Services are now moving into the recovery phase of the Operation WE CARE  campaign. It is in this portion of the campaign where The Salvation Army will be working closely with other Non-Government Organizations, Provincial and Municipal officials to meet the unmet needs of flood victims.  Please  […]

2009 Flood Response – Reception Centre Opens

Posted on 17th April 2009, by
The Salvation Army Greeters welcome evacuees as they arrive. Salvation Army volunteers providing food, emotional and Spiritual care at Reception Centre. (Winnipeg MB April 17, 2009) The City of Winnipeg has now opened a reception centre for all flood evacuees. Through the Operation We Care Campaign, The Salvation Army is Giving Hope Today by meeting and greeting everyone  […]

2009 Flood Response “Operation We Care”

Posted on 17th April 2009, by
The Salvation Army has now moved into a full scale response within the province of Manitoba that we refer to as the “Operation We Care” campaign. (Winnipeg, Manitoba – April 16, 2009) – As the Manitoba flood of 2009 continues to unfold, many people are faced with multiple threats. Rising river levels, overland flooding, and  […]

2009 Flood Watch – Sandwich Factory

Posted on 14th April 2009, by
As the need arises and as local citizens remain on high alert throughout Manitoba, The Salvation Army continues to give hope to people who are assisting in sandbagging efforts. Since the outset, The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Winnipeg has been producing all of the warm meals and the Weetamah Church of Salvation Army and  […]

Flood Watch – 2009…CFOT Responds

Posted on 31st March 2009, by
A team of Cadets and Officers from the training college in Winnipeg as well as junior soldier, Elissa Zelinsky (age 12) lent a hand to the sandbagging efforts in the community of St. Andrews, north of Winnipeg, on the weekend. The team helped serve meals to volunteers, filled sandbags and helped construct dikes in areas  […]

Flood Watch 2009 – The Salvation Army Responds

Posted on 26th March 2009, by
 As the waters began to overflow the banks of the Red River just north of Winnipeg last night and into this morning, The Salvation Army responded by sending out one of the emergency response vehicles into the communities of St Andrews and St Clement.  Without hesitation the unit was dispatched, stopped on route to pick up  […]

Flood Watch 2009

Posted on 25th March 2009, by
(photo courtesy of the Winnipeg Sun) Scenes like this are creating some concern for many residents of Manitoba.  While the rivers are still snow and ice covered in sections, signs of flooding from spring time melt are beginning to make their mark on local communities such as East St Paul MB where flooding is occurring due  […]
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The Salvation Army Emergency Units Respond

Posted on 17th March 2009, by
On Tuesday March 10th, The Salvation Army first responder team was called out to a three home blaze at the Down’s Village trailer park on Winnipeg’s far west side. More than 30 firefighters tried to contain the blaze after it spread from one trailer to another, tearing through the mobile homes adjacent to each other while  […]