How Much is a Penny Worth?

Posted on 4th April 2012, by
Winnipeg, MB – How much is a penny worth? That depends on who you ask. According to the Government of Canada, it has a negative value. It costs approximately 1.6 pennies to make a penny that is worth…a penny. In the recent budget presented to Parliament, we learn the penny’s days are numbered. With Canada  […]

Dignity Makes Good “Cents”

Posted on 30th March 2012, by
Regina, SK – The Salvation Army is always on the lookout to showcase Dignity for those less fortunate. In Regina, The Army’s newest dignity initiative delivers nutritional lunches to students of Coronation Park Elementary School on 4th Avenue North.  This program meets the needs of 50 kids who may not have access to a healthy  […]
The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centres in Winnipeg and Calgary To Promote Dignity For All Toronto, ON March 27, 2012 – As The Salvation Army celebrates the one-year anniversary of its Dignity Project, an initiative designed to educate and inform the public about the challenges facing society’s most vulnerable people, a generous donation  […]
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Regina, SK – Regina’s affordable housing crunch has the Salvation Army’s men’s shelter always at capacity and there is no relief in sight. In 2011 beds at the Waterston Centre were used almost 23,000 times, a 6,000 increase from 2010. Many of the people staying at the shelter are trades people in Regina for jobs.  […]
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The Salvation Army Supports Search & Rescue Workers

Posted on 21st February 2012, by
Regina, SK — The Salvation Army in Regina supported search and rescue workers for a 3rd time in a month as the ground search for Brandy Rene Wesaquate of Regina resumed. The team, which included 13 search and rescue workers, 8 RCMP members and 3 city police officers, concentrated on a rural area east of the  […]
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Flood Watch 2009

Posted on 25th March 2009, by
(photo courtesy of the Winnipeg Sun) Scenes like this are creating some concern for many residents of Manitoba.  While the rivers are still snow and ice covered in sections, signs of flooding from spring time melt are beginning to make their mark on local communities such as East St Paul MB where flooding is occurring due  […]
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An early Christmas at the Sally Ann

Posted on 11th December 2008, by Salvation Army
Dec 11 – WIN – The Salvation Army provided a little bit of home for those without one last night, served up by some prominent Winnipeggers — including Mayor Sam Katz and Premier Gary Doer — at the organization’s annual Christmas dinner. “At Christmas people want to help out … it’s an opportunity to do  […]
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