The Salvation Army Loving Regina

Posted on 6th June 2012, by
Regina, SK – The Salvation Army reached out with acts of kindness and showed their love for Regina as part of “Love Regina” week. From June 3rd-to-9th several churches around the city are helping their neighbourhoods and hosting such things as a blood donor clinic, food bank drive, park and neighbourhood cleanups, and more. On Tuesday, June  […]

Community Venture Idol 2012

Posted on 18th May 2012, by
Winnipeg, MB – It was a rocking good time Friday, May 11, 2012 as The Salvation Army Community Venture program held its annual CV Idol competition finale at 17 Wing Theatre on Whytewold Road.  The atmosphere was electric. The theatre was filled to capacity by an exuberant audience cheering on the forty-seven contestants as they  […]
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Winnipeg, MB – The Salvation Army wishes to advise the general public that the Masquerade for Dignity Gala scheduled for May 24th, 2012 at The Gates on Roblin has been cancelled. “Unfortunately we have not been able to secure enough interest for the event to make it viable,” explains Tsungai Muvingi – Special Events Coordinator,  […]
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A Burning Desire for Dignity

Posted on 8th May 2012, by
Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Fire Fighters have a burning desire to support Youth in our community striving for personal dignity. This month they are joining forces with The Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Scotiabank to collect pennies in support of The Salvation Army Weetamah Centre’s “Dignity Makes Cents” campaign. Weetamah has set a goal to  […]
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Winnipeg, MB – May is Dignity Month for The Salvation Army.  In an effort to raise awareness around issues of poverty, mental illness, and human dignity, The Salvation Army is hosting a formal “Masquerade for Dignity” Gala event Thursday, May 24th at The Gates on Roblin. “Dignity is a word that many are familiar with.   […]
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Dignity Makes Cents

Posted on 4th May 2012, by
Winnipeg, MB – For the second consecutive year, The Salvation Army has announced that May is Dignity Month.  Dignity has been defined as a person’s innate right to respect and ethical treatment. The Salvation Army asserts and affirms that ‘Human dignity is a fundamental right for all.’ Helping a person attain personal dignity does not  […]
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How Much is a Penny Worth?

Posted on 4th April 2012, by
Winnipeg, MB – How much is a penny worth? That depends on who you ask. According to the Government of Canada, it has a negative value. It costs approximately 1.6 pennies to make a penny that is worth…a penny. In the recent budget presented to Parliament, we learn the penny’s days are numbered. With Canada  […]
Winnipeg, MB – Pyjama parties, sleep overs, hanging out with friends, sharing stories, dressing up, watching movies and eating all kinds of snacks. Who of us do not remember great times like these? These were times when the world was our oyster, anything was possible and we lived as large as our imaginations allowed us.  […]
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Dignity Makes Good “Cents”

Posted on 30th March 2012, by
Regina, SK – The Salvation Army is always on the lookout to showcase Dignity for those less fortunate. In Regina, The Army’s newest dignity initiative delivers nutritional lunches to students of Coronation Park Elementary School on 4th Avenue North.  This program meets the needs of 50 kids who may not have access to a healthy  […]
Regina, SK – Each year the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan recognizes worthy organizations for their ethical decision-making and ethics in business making a positive impact in our communities through its Torch Awards.  This year, The Salvation Army Prairie Division (Saskatchewan area) was selected as a finalist in the Non-Profit Organizations category at the 8th  […]
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