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Nurtrien Food on the Move 2018 Provides Food Security

Posted on 6th November 2018, by Prairie Division
During the summer months, typically all that is on the mind of many children is, who am I going to play with today?  Where will we go? What will we do?  But for one in every four children in Saskatchewan, the question on their mind is simply, am I going to eat today? With a  […]
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Community Generosity flows into Food Bank

Posted on 12th October 2018, by Prairie Division
The Salvation Army Food Bank, in Fort Frances, received generous donations from the Community through the efforts of two valuable partners – The Bargain Shop and Safeway in Fort Frances. On behalf of those who will benefit from your generosity, we say Thank you to: Darcy and her team at The Bargain Shop and Kevin  […]

Generous young heart fills backpacks

Posted on 22nd August 2018, by Prairie Division
SASKATOON, SK – Many people set goals, whether they are personal, financial or life goals. It keeps you focused, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life. But were any of you nine years old when you made your goals? Meet Zachary Phenix,  […]
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New basketball nets donated by Winnipeg Foundation a slam dunk

Posted on 20th August 2018, by Prairie Division
WINNIPEG, MB – Thanks to The Winnipeg Foundation, Southlands Community Church of The Salvation Army has been enjoying a couple of brand new basketball nets to help keep the kids who use the facility having fun and staying active. The Winnipeg Foundation purchased two heavy-duty, portable Basketball nets for the youth at Southlands Community Church  […]

A Gift to do the Lord’s Work

Posted on 11th July 2018, by Prairie Division
Leaving a bequest to The Salvation Army is the simplest way to create a legacy of everlasting hope. Meet Catherine McKenzie, one of our loyal donors who made the decision to create a legacy that reflects her living values by leaving a gift to The Salvation Army in her will. Why do you want to  […]
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Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program May 17, 2018 – Dan Vandal, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface Saint Vital, recently visited the Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre (BMFRC) to view the new furniture that was funded by the Government of Canada’s News Horizons for Seniors Program, and also took some time to chat  […]

Daniel Krupka: The Man Behind the Meals

Posted on 23rd April 2018, by Prairie Division
At a little after 11 a.m. on a Thursday morning, clients of the Winnipeg Booth Centre begin to make their way into the cafeteria on the main floor. Kitchen manager Daniel Krupka greets them all individually with a smile. “I pretty much grew up in the food industry, since I was about 14 years old,”  […]

Volunteering with The Salvation Army

Posted on 20th April 2018, by Prairie Division
SASKATOON, SK – “I always have a good day on my volunteering days” These are words we love to hear when a volunteer speaks about the time they are giving to The Salvation Army.  Ashleigh Mattern is a volunteer we obtained through Sum Theatre and Persephone Theatre’s involvement with the Compassion to Action movement. Focused  […]