For The Love of Giving – Barry Finds Hope at Saskatoon’s Crossroads Residential Services

by blairmalaz

My name is Barry. I am 55 years old and it wasn’t very long ago that I had a “normal life”. I
was a government healthcare worker who attended the Salvation Army church and
volunteered doing Emergency Disaster Services work for the Salvation Army. I was also the
President of the Saskatchewan Green Party.

I had an undiagnosed medical condition that prevented me from working. No diagnosis
means no long term disability insurance coverage. This is where the poverty spiral began for
me. I am currently healthy and able to work.

I lost my property that I was residing in due to foreclosure. I was suddenly homeless in a
small village north of North Battleford. I decided that perhaps Saskatoon would be a better
place to get restarted and that is how I ended up at Crossroads Residential Services.

Crossroads allowed me a chance to have a safe residence while I did everything required to
find housing. Even after I was no longer a resident I was able to continue to attend
Crossroads on a regular basis. Crossroads provides many valuable services to the
community not just the residents of the shelter.

I am currently working as a building manager for a small apartment building in downtown
Saskatoon. A job that I was referred to by one of the staff at Crossroads.

It was great to be able to attend the Salvation Army Temple before Covid struck. I have also
been blessed to have the time to volunteer for a number of different things for the Salvation
Army once again.

I am healthy and I am so grateful for that. I am a long way from having my so called “normal
life” back but I am looking forward to what this next chapter of my life has to offer.