“Nutrien Food on The Move” Volunteer Returns To Help His Community in Regina, SK

by blairmalaz
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The Nutrien Food on the Move program delivers nutritious lunches, Monday through Friday, to children at several locations in Saskatoon and Regina again this summer. The program strives to fill the summer nutrition gap for the growing number of children who rely on breakfast and lunch programs at their schools.

Not only would The Salvation Army not be able to do this without the support of Nutrien, but it would also be impossible without our staff and volunteers. This is where Gord Wilson comes in. The 73-year-old from Regina Beach volunteers his time to drive The Salvation Army vehicle (from Haven of Hope Ministries) to where it needs to be and hands out those nutritious lunches to those in need. There is no doubt in his mind about why he volunteers.

“There is a need in the community, and to be part of the answer to that need is motivation enough.”   Gord Wilson, Volunteer

Hitting the road with a vehicle filled with lunches and interacting with the people he meets fuels his passion to volunteer. Gord enjoys how fulfilling it is to make a difference in peoples’ lives by helping meet their needs. The role lets him establish a bond with people while out on Nutrien Food on the Move because it is consistent and reliable day after day. Not only is the program building trust and connections with the kids, but The Salvation Army is there, being present, open and available. These things are key to our ministry. Gord says people wouldn’t believe how many “thank-you’s” our staff and volunteers get or how excited he is when he hears the kids cheer out “Sandwiches are here!” when our vehicle arrives on the scene.

“It’s what God created us to do – to help out anyone in need. We go anywhere we’re needed – responding to natural disasters, the Nutrien Food on the Move Program, whatever the need is, we meet it. I believe this is the heart of the gospel – to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Gord loves being an essential part of The Salvation Army and encourages others to contribute. Whether through volunteer or donating, your contributions make a difference. If you would like to find out more about how to donate, click here. To learn more about volunteering, call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.