The Rogers Family Foundation helps The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Keep Rolling in Saskatchewan

by blairmalaz
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The Salvation Army EDS responds to disasters when and where they occur, and, thanks to the funding received from the Rogers Family Foundations donation of $10 million dollars across the country, we were able to enhance our capabilities.

“We needed repairs to emergency response vehicles, the addition of environmentally friendly products and PPE have all worked together to ensure that the three Community Response Vehicles in Saskatchewan are ready to roll at a moment’s notice.” – Major Mike Hoeft, Area Commander Prairie East.

While emergency responses have been few during 2020/21 these vehicles are not simply sitting idly by waiting for a disaster. These vehicles are in locations where they could/can be used for other projects.

“A response vehicle was used for a school feeding program in Maple Creek, and thousands of snacks provided through the summer park lunch programs in Regina and Saskatoon and adding an additional school to the current school breakfast program in Saskatoon.” – Major Mike

In the early days of the Covid response, these vehicles were mobilized quickly to provide hundreds of food baskets to families, meals to school children and a place where hot meals could be provided in parking lots when facilities were closed. The Rogers funding has helped to renew and enhance these vehicles not only for the daily activities they are engaged with but also to be fully equipped and ready to use should disaster strike anywhere in Saskatchewan.

Of course, none of this can happen without personnel and during the course of Covid, we have continued to train people to be ready for ongoing activities as well as disaster response. This training looks different than it used to utilize virtual technology but the end result is the same, we have willing volunteers, trained and ready to serve. The Rogers funding has helped to purchase equipment to keep those volunteers safe (PPE, safety vests, etc.).

While it was not a busy year for disasters we were able to offer support to:

  • a family of four in North Battleford who had experienced a house fire but because of provincial Covid restrictions were not able to stay with family received a $500 gift card to help with food costs.
  • multiple individuals who were told to evacuate a motel due to health violations in Saskatoon were offered emotional support, relocation advice, meals and water.
  • A multi-family apartment building that had to evacuate due to carbon monoxide levels were supported with overnight accommodation and meals while they waited to get back into their homes.
  • A couple in Melfort who had experienced a house fire was provided with a new bed for their home.
  • Dozens of families and individuals were supported with clothing, housewares and furniture as a result of disasters such as house fires, flooding and other factors which left them in dire circumstances.

In order to provide this assistance, it is imperative that we have trained personnel, necessary supplies and ready-to-deploy vehicles that can be utilized when they are required.

“We wish to say a big THANK YOU to the Rogers family for helping us continue giving hope today.” – Major Mike.