New copper dining tables at The Salvation Army Crossroads Residential Services in Saskatoon hinder COVID-19 virus spread

by blairmalaz
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At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Major Judy Regamey and Crossroads Food Services Coordinator Ryan Olson sat down to assess how Rogers Communications’ donated funds could be used for updating the building’s dining area. The updates would provide added protection for residents and employees of The Salvation Army Crossroads Residential Services in Saskatoon, SK.

“We did have concerns (even with a rigorous cleaning schedule) about the dining room being a hub of activity 24 hours a day,” said Crossroads Food Services Coordinator, Ryan Olsen

After some thought, they came up with a possible solution…Copper Tables. These would be ideal because the COVID virus only remains active for approximately four hours. Much less than the 72 hours the virus remains active on the 20-year-old plastic tables that were being used.

It sounded like a solid plan, but it was easier said than done.

“Have you ever tried to buy a non-ornamental copper table that’s functional in a public dining room, let alone 10?” chuckled Ryan.

Ryan, along with Crossroad Residential Services Director Marc Cheriyan, tried calling suppliers and scoured the internet, but to no avail. So, they moved onto the idea of finding someone to cut a round piece of copper and fix it to the top of our current tables.

“This turned out to be not as easy as it was in our minds, after calling a few fabrication places I was beginning to think this amazing opportunity was not feasible,” says Ryan.

One of those fabricators advised them to contact Tex Klassen Sales & Metal Fabrication, stating, “If anyone can do it, it’s them.” After contacting Tex Klassen, Ryan brought in a table for them to attempt. Not only, were they able to do the tops of the tables, they also did the sides. With such a big job of ten tables, funds for the fabrication ran out before completion, but Tex Klassen volunteered to complete the remaining for no extra charge.

The new copper tables in all their gorgeous glory at The Salvation Army Crossroads Residential Services in Saskatoon, SK

“One positive thing about the pandemic is there are a lot of company’s who have stepped up to help their community. Rogers and Tex Klassen being two I’ll remember every time we serve a meal. Thank you,” says Ryan.