The Salvation Army Winnipeg’s Extreme Environment Response Vehicle keeps rolling to help those in need on our city streets.

by blairmalaz
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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Salvation Army is doing everything we can to keep those we serve as safe as possible.  In addition to this, The Salvation Army continues the same level of services provided before COVID-19. The Salvation Army Winnipeg Extreme Environment Response Vehicle (EERV) drives out of The Salvation Army Centre of Hope on certain nights, helping those in need.

Here is a breakdown of how The Salvation Army EERV helped during the period of March 29/30 – April 5/6.

We served:

  • 111 Ladies
  • 349 Men

We gave out:

  • 32 Touques
  • 20 Scarfs
  • 52 Mitts
  • 85 Socks
  • 2 Sweaters
  • 0 Blanket
  • 9 Jackets
  • 1 Underwear
  • 255 Sports Jerseys
  • 138 Bread
  • 55 treats
  • 510 Coffees
  • 170 Bottles of Water

We transported four ladies and nine men off the street to warm accommodations.

We transported one man off of the street to The Salvation Army Winnipeg Centre of Hope.

We transported three ladies and one man to The Salvation Army Weetamah location.

“Even though the weather is getting warmer it can still be quite cold and damp at night. It is obvious from the number of people we are serving that this service is still needed and appreciated by many. It is an honour and a privilege for us to be able to at least give some help to those who need it at this time.”
– Major Gordon Taylor, Executive Director, Winnipeg Centre of Hope

The Salvation Army EERV is a decommissioned ambulance that was donated to The Salvation Army Prairie Division on behalf of the Manitoba Government. The difference the EERV makes to those in need would not be possible without this donation.

If you would like to donate to The Salvation Army, please call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or click HERE to help us continue #givinghopetoday