For The Love of Giving – Skyler Hamilton

For The Love of Giving Skyler
by blairmalaz

Anyone, at any age, can help make a difference in their community. There is a growing desire among youth to help those in need and many are turning that desire into action…meet Skyler Hamilton, one of our youth donors.

2019 was the 10th year this young man has been collecting toys, books, clothes, toiletries and entertainment items for the SonRise Village Family Shelter, Winnipeg’s only emergency family shelter. In 2010, when Skyler was eight years old, he told his mom he wanted to start donating somewhere and do something on his own in the community. Seeking donations through his hockey team, family, friends, school, social media as well as through CJOB radio, Skyler’s collection is successful each year, providing hope and showing love to those in need.

This year was a bit different. Typically, year-to-year, Skyler’s hockey team is what contributed a large portion of the donations. This year, he had no hockey team, so he and his mother put a call out using an app for their neighbourhood.

“The texts started to flow in and I had a pickup every other day! I had to get my parents to do a few pickups as I couldn’t due to university or work. I dragged my girlfriend countless pickups and had to ask my friend to help me with a few as I needed a truck to pick up beds and a love seat,” explains Skyler.

With so many donations coming in, Skyler quickly filled his garage and had to park his car outside. When delivery day came, his father rented a U-Haul, but they ended up needing to upgrade the size to a larger one.

And what is next for Skyler?

“I would eventually like to have my little cousin involved when he’s older and potentially even pass it on to him in the future. I would like to keep the amount of donations high so we have to keep renting a box truck. Though eventually, I would like to be able to donate a decent amount of money so they can do renovations or purchase things they need throughout the year,” says Skyler.
Skyler’s rented, and packed with donations, UHaul

Skyler’s rented, and packed with donations, UHaul

Skyler’s collected donations safely delivered.

Skyler’s collected donations safely delivered.

Thank you, Skyler, for your incredible vision and effort to give back to your community. If you would like to learn more about The Salvation Army programs and services or would like to learn more about supporting our programs, Please contact a Salvation Army representative in your area #ForTheLoveofGiving #givinghopetoday