For The Love of Giving – Conrad Ginter

Conrad Ginter
by blairmalaz

Giving to The Salvation Army allows us to continue to be a transformative influence in a person’s life.  An influence that saved the life of Conrad Ginter.

In September 2016, Conrad stood on the edge of the Disraeli Bridge in Winnipeg and started to cry.

“Just jump and end it right now,” Conrad thought.

Conrad, 43, had struggled with alcoholism for 25 years. Drinking had cost him his career as a truck driver and even his wife and four children. But no matter how bad his life got, he could not stop. He felt hopeless that it would ever change.

“Just as I was about to jump, I felt a lady grab my right arm,” Conrad recalls.

She persuaded him not to jump. The next morning, Conrad went to The Salvation Army’s Weetamah location for the Sunday morning church service and to eat and then entered the Anchorage addiction treatment program at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre, now The Salvation Army Centre of Hope. After completing the three-month program, Conrad moved into a sober living facility. He’s now been sober for nearly three years.

“I was so ashamed of myself,” he says. “And the more guilt I had, the more shame I had, the more I drank. Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever not ask for help. I thought nobody loved me anymore, and I thought ending my life would be the answer. But I was wrong.”

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