For The Love of Giving – Best Buy

by blairmalaz

The Salvation Army is always grateful for all donations. We also love to see the effect giving has on those who donate. A troop of blue polo shirts came marching to CF Polo Park to support The Salvation Army at this year’s Toy Mountain. 2019 was the 4th year that all 3 Winnipeg Best Buy Stores banded together to help those in need.

“The staff who come and drop off the toys, love it and appreciate being able to be there to support. They feel great seeing all the Toy Mountain and Salvation Army volunteers smile and being appreciative when they come,” says Edward Salomon, Best Buy District Leader for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Best Buy contributes money to the over-purchase of toys they donate to Toy Mountain. On top of that, staff members are free to give toys or cash to the overall contribution.

“It’s important to give back, especially at that time of year. Most of our community support (Boys and Girls Club/Tech Grants for Schools/Geek Squad Academy for Schools) focuses on children, so Toy Mountain lines up with it too,” says Salomon.

Including the money donated from Best Buy Head Office, the yearly donation is an average of $3000 worth of toys and dollars combined. Thank you for your continued support.

If you would like to learn how your organization or company can help to give back to your community by volunteering or by providing a donation to our programs and services, please contact a Salvation Army representative in your area, click the link below

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