A Gift to do the Lord’s Work

Salvation Army worker talking to an eldery woman
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Leaving a bequest to The Salvation Army is the simplest way to create a legacy of everlasting hope. Meet Catherine McKenzie, one of our loyal donors who made the decision to create a legacy that reflects her living values by leaving a gift to The Salvation Army in her will.

Why do you want to leave a legacy gift to The Salvation Army?

 “After my family members have been taken care of, any surplus I have I want to be put to practical use, to do the Lord’s work. You have a good Christian reputation that is firm in your beliefs and I want to support and promote a Christian organization. It also touches me how The Salvation Army provides compassion to those in need, you don’t go far without seeing its positive influence in the community.” says Catherine

The Salvation Army has a proven track record that goes back 130 years in Canada.  It is now one of the world’s largest providers of social services.  We are present in 400 communities across Canada and more than 129 countries around the world, offering services in 175 different languages.  In Saskatchewan, The Salvation Army works in 15 communities providing over 40 different programs and services ranging from community and family services, sheltering support, addiction services, palliative care, summer camps, safe houses and emergency disaster services.

How did you find the process of leaving a gift to The Salvation Army?

“I found the process very simple, I contacted Christina Gerwing, the Charitable Gift Advisor in my area and she was very helpful.  She provided me with information about The Salvation Army, and provided me tips such as ensuring correct, detailed information about my legacy gift and the proper documentation to ensure my gift will not have any problems being processed” says Catherine.

Making a will is an important part of life. It provides you with a sense of security knowing your affairs are in order and the people and things you value have been taken care of. To ensure you have a valid will, we strongly recommend you use the services of a legal professional. There are many different options available for providing a legacy gift and a Salvation Army Charitable Gift Advisor would be happy to talk with you about your personal motivations and ensure your gift is fulfilling your needs and vision.

Legacy gifts are vital to the work we do and help us fulfil our mission to assist people in need. After you have remembered your loved ones, please consider including The Salvation Army in your will. Click here to contact a Charitable Gift Advisor in your area.