Volunteering with The Salvation Army

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SASKATOON, SK – “I always have a good day on my volunteering days”

These are words we love to hear when a volunteer speaks about the time they are giving to The Salvation Army.  Ashleigh Mattern is a volunteer we obtained through Sum Theatre and Persephone Theatre’s involvement with the Compassion to Action movement. Focused on local community engagement, Compassion to Action is a companion piece to Home is a Beautiful Word, an enlightening, funny and moving documentary play about homelessness, an issue present in every Canadian city.

Compassion to Action partnered with The Salvation Army by placing a volunteer to assist with one of our programs. The initiative’s purpose is to share the impact volunteering has on the individual, the organization and what impact it makes in our community.  Ashleigh has been helping with the Nutana Breakfast program and during this time we have been able to talk about what The Salvation Army provides and the need for volunteering in our community.

 “I started volunteering with the Salvation Army in fall 2017. It wasn’t the first time I’ve volunteered — in my teens and early 20s I volunteered as a way to gain work experience — but it was the first time I volunteered in the spirit of helping someone else rather than helping myself. Sum Theatre presented the opportunity through their Compassion to Action project, and I’m so glad I took that opportunity because it’s been an energizing and inspiring experience. I own two businesses, and I’m now looking at ways I can incorporate some sort of social impact into those businesses so I can give back in an even bigger way. I don’t know that I would have done that if I hadn’t volunteered for the Salvation Army first. I look forward to continuing to volunteer with the Salvation Army, and with many more organizations in the future!” Ashleigh Mattern, Volunteer with The Salvation Army Nutana Breakfast Feeding Program.

As Volunteer Appreciation week comes to a close, we would like to honour our volunteers for their selfless contributions and recognize the irreplaceable impact of their time and energy year round. If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact a volunteer coordinator in your area. #GivingHopeToday