The Salvation Army…so much more than you know: William Booth Special Care Home & Regina Wascana Grace Hospice

william booth special care home regina wascana grace hospice
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William Booth Special Care Home

The Salvation Army William Booth Special Care Home in Regina, SK is an 83-bed facility with 57 Long-Term level 3 & 4 Care beds.  Additionally, 100 clients attend an Adult Day Support Program.  With a commitment to individualized care, the home has many recreational and diversional therapies available throughout the week and weekend, which enhance the quality of life for the residents.

In 2017 William Booth Special Care Home received the Speers Caregiver Award in recognition of care given every day by a group of professionals who offer kindness, empathy and caring to the community. The nomination was supported by the following testimonials, revering the compassionate care their family member received.

“Mom has always felt blessed to be living in such a special place”

“The staff are exceptional, understanding and extremely caring”

“We thank the staff from the bottom of our hearts for making our mom’s stay comfortable and respectful”

“We would like to express our gratitude for providing such gentle consideration and kindness”

The mission of The Salvation Army William Booth Special Care Home is to provide, in the Spirit of Christ, care and support for the well-being of residents, clients, their families and staff.

In addition to the Long Term care program, other services include:

  • Convalescent Care – The Convalescent Care program provides additional short-term recuperation support after surgery or serious illness. The focus of convalescent care is centred around activities of daily living and Physiotherapy treatment. The charge for convalescent care is set by the RQHR and is based on the client’s income.
  • Respite Care – The Respite Care program provides periodic/short-term respite for caregivers and an alternative to institutionalization for the client. The charge for respite care is set by the RQHR and is based on the client’s income.
  • Adult Day support offered 7 days/week (100 clients) – The Adult Day Support program provides recreation, socialization and personal care for clients and daytime respite for caregivers. The program runs 9 am to 4 pm, seven days a week. The daily charge is set by the Ministry of Health.


Regina Wascana Grace Hospice

The Regina Wascana Grace Hospice offers specialized and professional attention to residents who are at the final stages of life, in a comfortable residential setting and in a manner considerate of the needs of family members. The Palliative Care program ministers to the needs of people who require compassionate holistic care with a focus on pain control and quality of life during the final stage of life. Family and friends receive emotional and spiritual support and chaplaincy services.
Hospice care is a program of active compassionate palliative care provided to residents of any age for whom cure is no longer medically possible, energies increasingly focus on the relief of suffering, achievement of comfort and the best possible quality of life. Hospice care helps people live a better quality of life at any stage of life, including the final months, weeks and days. Achieving this requires attention not only to the control of pain and other symptoms but also to psychological and spiritual needs.

At Regina Wascana Grace Hospice, a wide range of services are designed to meet the medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs during care, death and grieving are provided.

  • 10 palliative care beds
  • Comfortable residential setting
  • Family room
  • Sunroom
  • Chapel
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Support groups
  • Chaplaincy services

For information on the William Booth Special Care Home or Regina Wascana Grace Hospice, please contact Sylvia Ross (306) 757-6800.