UPDATE: Golden West Centennial Lodge Flood

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UPDATE May 28, 2014:  Assessment of damages at Golden West Centennial Lodge has been completed and restoration work is underway.  However, due to the damages, we are unable to ensure the building will reopen safely for resident care next week as originally hoped.

Golden West Centennial Lodge is making plans with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to accommodate our residents for up to an additional 30 days. This will result in some residents moving again as beds become vacant in other personal care homes.  All residents will have the opportunity to return to Golden West Centennial Lodge when we reopen.

Concerned family may call (204) 831-2968 24 hours a day for the most up to date information regarding the progress of restoration and to pass along messages to family members. Information can also be received by calling Health Links at (204) 788-8004. You may also visit the Golden West Centennial Lodge website at http://www.goldenwest.ca/ for information.

This will be the last update Golden West Centennial Lodge will be providing on this website.

UPDATE May 19, 2014:  It has been determined that a burst water main that feeds the sprinkler system was the cause for the flooding at Golden West Centennial Lodge.  There is significant damage in the basement, including to the power system.  A restoration company is working to ensure the electrical system; fire alarm and sprinkler are repaired as soon as possible. There is no access to the building as it is a construction zone with 24 hour security in place.

At this time, we know our residents will be unable to return home for at least two weeks.

We are working to have personal belongings moved to where residents are. These items include wheelchairs, walkers, 3 – 4 changes of clothing and small electronics such as a radio, etc.  We will not be moving all belongings.  If there is a particular item you feel your family member needs, please let us know.

We understand some of the spaces residents are occupying are not very home like.  We are working very hard to get everyone home as soon as possible.

We want to say thank you to all our partners who assisted us through this disaster evacuation – our residents, families, staff, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the receiving sites – Deer Lodge Centre, West Park Manor, Oakview Place and Charleswood Care Centre.

Concerned family may call (204) 831-2968 24 hours a day to check progress of restoration and to pass along messages to family members. Information can also be received by calling Health Links at (204) 788-8004.

Another update will be made Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we support the Residents and families of Golden West Centennial Lodge.

Winnipeg, MB – At 6 am Monday, May 19, 2014, Golden West Centennial Lodge began evacuating its residents due to a water main break.

“At about 11 pm last night we had a water supply line break in our basement,” explains Joyce Kristjansson, Executive Director of Golden West Centennial Lodge. “All 113 of our residents are safe.  We have evacuated them to three different locations in the community.  Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services, as well as Winnipeg Regional Health Authority personnel, have been extremely helpful in assisting Golden West staff with the evacuation.”

Residents have been transferred to Deer Lodge Centre, West Park Manor and Oakview Place. All necessary medical supplies and personal effects have been transferred with residents.

“Facility personnel are on site completing a full assessment of damages and are working very diligently and quickly to repair the break in the water line. At this time we do not have a firm timeline as to when repairs and cleanup will be completed,” states Kristjansson. “We want to reassure everyone, especially family members, that all residents are safe and are being well taken care of.”

Family members wishing to receive updates or wanting to check on their loved ones can call Health Links at (204) 788-8004.  The Salvation Army and WRHA will provide a more complete update regarding damages and housing arrangements of Golden West Centennial Lodge residents in the next 24 – 36 hours.

For additional information please call Health Links at (204) 788-8004.

Media inquiries may contact the Public Relations Office of The Salvation Army at (204) 803-6190.