The gift that gives

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SASKATOON, SK – ‘Tis the season of gifts and many are asking “what do you get for someone who has everything?” Well, when it comes to gifts they say it is the thought that counts and what is more thoughtful than a gift that gives back to those less fortunate.

ADA Architecture captured the essence of this statement when they chose to give a gift that gives by donating $3000.00 to The Salvation army in lieu of gifts for their clients. David Anderson explains that it makes more sense to give to those who may otherwise go without a Christmas meal or gifts than it does to send boxes of chocolates or gift baskets to those who probably don’t need (or want) any more of either at this time of year. They will send each of their clients a beautiful Christmas card that is full of thought, much more than a box of chocolates, and lets each client know how their gift is helping. Thank you ADA Architecture for giving a gift that gives and supporting our mission to provide dignity to all

The Salvation Army’s gift that gives, allows you to make a donation to The Salvation Army on behalf of a friend or family member, and they receive a special message thanking them for the donation made in their name.  If you would like to give a “gift that gives,” contact your local Salvation Army to find out how you can send in your donation.

ADA Xmas 2013 Group Picture