Mooing It Forward

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SASKATOON, SK – Many of you may have heard the term “Pay it Forward”, but have you heard of the idea of “Mooing it Forward”?  In essence, it is the same idea of embracing the incredible power of giving and showing each other that we care. It demonstrates there is love, hope and miracles all around us…but with a twist.

Back in November of 2012, 9 year old Kadence Plamondon of Tisdale started caring for a calf as part of her local 4-H program. Every day she would get up to feed and nurture it. Nine months later, Kadence’s hard work and care have raised a healthy cow. In the process, she learned the value of hard work by applying the 4-H Club motto “Learn To Do By Doing”.

Once Kadence raised her cow to a healthy size, it started an action of “Mooing it Forward”.  Rob Nichol, Construction Manager with Stantec Jansen Mine Project, purchased the cow Kadence raised, at a Melfort 4-H auction in July of 2013. His purchase recognized the value of her hard work as well as supported programs with the 4-H Club in Tisdale. Rob and Stantec then decided to donate the meat from the purchased cow to The Salvation Army Community Centre in Saskatoon. Little did Kadence know her hard work would one day help feed those desperately in need of a good, nutritious meal.

“We are very proud of our donation in support of the Salvation Army Community Centre and it is our hope that Stantec can continue to collaborate with local organizations to create positive partnerships within the communities we live and work.” Mike Mayhew, Director, Global Mining/ Practice Leader – Canadian Operations.

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Along with the donation of the cow, Stantec paid for the processing and wrapping of the meat, an additional $1600.00.  According to PJ Plamondon, Kadence’s father, the approximate street value of what the Community Centre received is over $3,000.00.

The Saskatoon Community Centre serves three meals a day except weekends, when a brunch and supper are provided. This averages to 300 meals a day for clients in the men’s residence as well as the general public. In 2012 the Community Centre served over 84,000 meals to people in Saskatoon

“We are delighted with this donation from Stantec.  It will go a long way to feeding those at The Community Centre and emergency after hours recipients a healthy meal”  Ryan Olson, Director Food Services – The Salvation Army Community Centre.

This effort of “Mooing it Forward” started with a 9 year old girl working hard every day, it was furthered by generosity of Stantec, a community minded business supporting not only Kadence’s hard work with the 4-H club but The Salvation Army Community Centre .  The “Mooing it Forward” action continues with The Salvation Army Community Centre. This gift allows us to continue the giving to the community and  those in need thereby truly providing Dignity To All.

Every pay it forward moment puts out a ripple in the world.  These chains of events will alter people’s lives in ways one never know. Thank you Kadence, Stantec and everyone that supports the valuable, life changing work of The Salvation Army.

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