Back-To-School Backpack Program

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Saskatoon, SK – It’s that time of year again when families are preparing to send their children back to school with a new backpack filled with supplies to get them through the year. The Salvation Army Community Centre once again is launching the Back-To-School Backpack Program to insure those in need in Saskatoon have the same opportunities to unzip a backpack and find freshly stocked supplies, going to school with confidence on their first day.

If you require assistance, applications are being accepted August 12th to August 16th. To apply, contact Sylvia Stevenson at The Salvation Army Community Centre at 306-242-6833. Priority will be given to children who do not receive a school allowance, supplies are limited. Completed backpacks will be ready for pick-up August 21st.

The Salvation Army is in need of donations both monetary and items to fill as many backpacks as possible as the need in Saskatoon unfortunately is growing.  To donate, please contact Laurie Gerein or Sylvia Stevensen at The Salvation Army Community Centre at 306-242-6833.

Items requested for donation:
Atlases, dictionaries, thesauruses, USB-sticks , scientific calculators, backpacks, headphones, crayons, markers, rulers, glue, erasers, pencils, pens.