Careful preparation leads to success and hope

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Winnipeg, MB – Perry Ross, born in 1922, lived a very full and exciting life. His life’s adventure took him from the early days of quarterbacking his high school football team at Gordon Bell High School in Winnipeg to a successful career as owner of Ross Equipment Ltd.  Mr. Ross built his business on excellent service and integrity. Hard work, careful planning and being prepared enabled him to build a flourishing business which allowed him to travel the world over during his retirement years.

As with everything in life, careful planning is important.  A good plan can mean the difference between success and failure, a trip to a foreign destination or a ‘staycation’, or a meaningful retirement. Mr. Ross’ planning permitted him to build a successful business, a viable retirement and the ability to ensure the ideals he supported in life would also be supported after his passing.

When Mr. Ross did his financial planning, he used professionals who understood his needs and desires.  With their help he was able to not only enjoy travelling and friends from all over the world, but he was also able to plan to leave a legacy to support charities that had an impact in his life and shared his common desire to support and build up his fellow man.

One of Mr. Ross’ favorite charities was The Salvation Army. He appreciated the hope it offered to the less fortunate. In his life planning he decided to will a portion of his estate to support the efforts of The Salvation Army in Winnipeg.

The Salvation Army is deeply appreciative of the gift that Mr. Ross bequeathed.  His gift of over $1M will help improve programs and services of The Salvation Army in Manitoba which include its shelters, programs that help divert youth from gangs, and provide training to those looking to improve their situation and circumstances in life.

Mr. Ross’ careful preparation led him to success in life and permitted him an opportunity to give hope to those that The Salvation Army serves.  However, it isn’t only the size of the gift that makes the most difference.  It is the day to day generosity and careful planning of people like Mr. Ross that makes the most significant impact and difference.

There are a number of ways in which you can include The Salvation Army in your financial and estate planning.  Each option provides numerous benefits as well as providing the investor with confidence that their gift is working hard to meet the needs of those in our community that need it most.  To learn how your gift and planning can reach out and touch the future, please visit or call (204) 975-1033.