They’re just flowers

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Winnipeg, MB – When the idea came up to take flowers to The Golden West Centennial Lodge and Grace Hospital, the intention was to put a smile on 116 seniors’ faces and thank a group of volunteers who spend countless hours helping the vulnerable in our community.

The impact was much bigger than anyone could have imagined. To the groups that put the bouquets together, they were just flowers. To the seniors who received them, they were a powerful gesture showing that people in the community care.

“No one has ever done this for us,” one of the staff members at Golden West Centennial Lodge commented. “There are many of our seniors who do not have anyone to visit them or bring them flowers.”

Thanks in large part to a donation made by The Winnipeg Rotaract Club and time dedicated by members of The Salvation Army’s Community Venture, the main reception at Golden West Centennial Lodge received a beautiful bouquet, 116 seniors got to enjoy individual floral arrangements and volunteers at Grace Hospital received a surprise thank you.

“The surprise and joy that came from the volunteers at Grace Hospital made it all worth it,” said Tsungai Muvingi, Event Coordinator for The Salvation Army Prairie Division.  “I would encourage everyone to do something small for someone else. Thank your server, spend time with a senior, visit someone in hospital, or send a friend an encouraging note. Sometimes it’s the quiet, simple gestures that have the biggest impact.”

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