Free legal advice offered to residents of Meadow Lake, SK

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Meadow Lake area residents who need legal help but cannot afford it will have somewhere to turn in the near future.

The Pro Bono Law Society of Saskatchewan (PBLS) has announced the opening of a free legal clinic in Meadow Lake that will open to the public on March 1.

Free legal services will be offered in Meadow Lake by one local lawyer as well as via videoconferencing with attorneys in other parts of the province.

There are currently 264 lawyers in Saskatchewan who help those in need of legal service through PBLS programs.

Individuals of limited means in Saskatchewan have the option to apply for legal help through Legal Aid Saskatchewan, a government-funded organization that offers legal help to those in need.

A single person income below $12,000 per year, for example, is listed as a guideline of who may qualify for government legal aid. However, many in moderate financial or personal circumstances are not eligible for government-funded legal aid.

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