The Salvation Army in Partnership with United Way Regina Opens a Cold Weather Shelter

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Regina, SK – We all know how cold winter is in Saskatchewan, especially when temperatures dip to extreme conditions, but imagine having to deal with it when you have no roof over your head. That is what many less-fortunate men face in Regina every night, which is why The Salvation Army and United Way Regina have partnered to make sure no man is left out in the cold.

The organizations have announced a Cold Weather Response Program. The project (at the Waterston Centre at 1845 Osler Street) will temporarily increase the men’s emergency shelter capacity by 15 beds every night. The service provides shelter from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. (12-hours of operation each night) until April 30th, 2013. All clients will receive a light snack in the evening, breakfast in the morning and access to shower and bathroom facilities.

“The intent of the Cold Weather Response Program is to provide late night, overnight and early morning supervision, safe shelter, support and assistance for men who might otherwise be left in the cold,” said Captain Ben Lippers Salvation Army Waterston Centre Executive Director. “The Salvation Army is extremely thankful to be partnering with United Way as we do everything in our power to provide these less-fortunate men safe shelter and more importantly dignity.”

United Way Regina is contributing $40,300 towards this pilot project while The Salvation Army Waterston Centre contributes $12,000.

“United Way’s funding of this temporary shelter is about filling a clear gap in service that community experts called to our attention,” said Joanne Grant CEO United Way Regina. “As a leader in this community when it comes to issues like homelessness, this is where our donors expect United Way to be: on the ground filling gaps while continuing to work on long term solutions. Today is about taking immediate action for those in need. However our focus will continue to be centred on reducing homelessness in Regina.”

As part of this initiative protocol guidelines will be prepared and distributed to community service agencies that outline the parameters of the Cold Weather Response Program. All other service agencies will continue to refer individuals requiring accommodations to The Salvation Army once their own capacities are full.

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