A Christmas Story of Thanks

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In December of 2001 a single mom with 3 beautiful children was working as much as she could and receiving no government or ex-spousal financial help. She worked hard pulling night shifts after long day shifts; she was a hard worker and a good mom. As Christmas approached she began to worry to the point of crying herself to sleep because this Christmas she didn’t have even ($1) one dollar extra to buy presents, let alone a turkey dinner. Her worry grew.

Being too proud to ask for help she stressed and worked harder only to have one thing after another come her way making it impossible to provide her beautiful children the Christmas they deserved.

One Saturday afternoon, a week before Christmas, a woman knocked on her door carrying a large basket of food; she was from The Salvation Army. Someone she worked with told her the story of the mom who was too proud to ask for help. She gave the family food and told the mom to come on down to The Salvation Army that afternoon and pick out toys for her children; it was overwhelming. The basement of the church was full of toys; the mom got to pick out four (4) toys for each of her children and received coupons for more groceries. The love and generosity shown by the Salvation Army was so overwhelming that the mother broke down and cried; this time it was tears of happiness.

On this Christmas I want to remind everyone that giving is more rewarding than receiving. I also want to thank the Weyburn, Saskatchewan Salvation Army – in 2001 you made my Christmas.