Dignity Makes Cents

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Winnipeg, MB – For the second consecutive year, The Salvation Army has announced that May is Dignity Month.  Dignity has been defined as a person’s innate right to respect and ethical treatment. The Salvation Army asserts and affirms that ‘Human dignity is a fundamental right for all.’

Helping a person attain personal dignity does not always have to cost a lot.  In fact, it is possible to do it one penny at a time.  As the Mint in Winnipeg strikes its last penny this morning, The Salvation Army and Scotiabank invite you to join them in showing that ‘Dignity Makes Cents’ by recycling your pennies into healthy lunches for students in the downtown core area.

Every week The Salvation Army Weetamah Centre serves 1175 nutritional meals to students from the downtown core participating in their after school homework clubs. It takes only 200 pennies to provide a healthy meal to a child who may not otherwise have access to proper nutritional food.  In order to support this valuable program, Weetamah has set a goal to raise 1 Million Pennies ($10,000) to recycle into healthy lunches for students in the downtown core.

“Many of us may not think too much about going to the fridge or cupboard when we are hungry, however, there are many children and families in our city who do not have that luxury,” explains Mark Young, Ministry Director – Weetamah Centre, “When children do not get the proper nutrition they require, cognitive and motor functions become impaired. As a result, many struggle to be successful in school and in life in general. By providing a nutritional and healthy meal, we give them fuel to succeed.”

Check your pockets, the jar in the cupboard and even between the couch cushions to find any pennies you have lying around. Bring your pennies to any of the following locations and help Dignity Make Cents.

  • The Salvation Army Weetamah Centre – 324 Logan Avenue;
  • The Salvation Army Public Relations Department – 203-290 Vaughan Street;
  • Any Salvation Army Thrift Store;
  • Scotiabank – 1091 St. Mary’s Road (Dakota Village Shopping Centre);
  • Scotiabank – 1150 Nairn Avenue (Nairn and Panet);
  • Scotiabank – 843 Leila Avenue (Garden City Square);
  • Scotiabank – 3247 Portage Avenue, Kirkfield Park (Portage and Vimy);
  • Scotiabank – 1485 Portage Avenue (Polo Park Shopping Centre);
  • Scotiabank – 200 Portage Avenue (Main Branch – Winnipeg Square)

Donations can also be made by telephone.  Please call The Salvation Army at (204) 975-1033 to Give Hope Today.