The Salvation Army Prairie Division Launches Awareness Campaign

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Winnipeg, MB – Many times when people are asked “What does The Salvation Army do?” the response is usually related to issues surrounding homelessness and this is correct; The Salvation Army does work diligently in our community to help meet the shelter needs of those who find themselves in need of safe housing. However, The Salvation Army does so much more.  Today The Salvation Army Prairie Division launches an awareness campaign titled “The Salvation Army: More Than You Know”.

During the next 18 months a brief overview of what The Salvation Army does in the Prairies will be revealed through the lives of Aron and his family. Their encounter will teach others how The Salvation Army helps not only the homeless, but also new Canadians, vulnerable women in need of safe housing, our youth and victims of disaster through its programs, services and so much more.

“We are very excited about this campaign,” states Jonathan Hamel, Communications and Marketing Coordinator of The Salvation Army Prairie Division, “We kick off the campaign with a commercial designed to prompt the viewer to reconsider what they think The Salvation Army does from day to day. It plays off the assumption that The Salvation Army just takes care of the person on the street with nothing to do. Through the commercial, the audience is shown when you take a closer look, it becomes clearer that The Salvation Army does ‘More Than You Know’. At the conclusion of the advertisement, the viewer is encouraged to take a look at the Prairie Division website for more stories on how The Salvation Army has been, and is, working in the Prairies since 1886.”

The campaign begins on Monday, March 19th with a television commercial that will air locally. It will be followed up with a similar radio ad beginning two weeks later. The campaign will also utilize social media to help spread the story and to encourage participation in learning the scope of the work of The Salvation Army.

The First Episode

In the first episode of the campaign, a young girl named Tala and her Dad, Aron, are spending a relaxing day together at a local coffee shop when she notices a man sitting on a bench outside in the frigid cold. Overcome by curiousity, Tala asks:

“What is that man doing outside?”

Aron glances outside at the man on the bench and brushes him off by replying:

“He’s got nothing to do. He’ll just go to The Salvation Army.”

This answer does not satisfy Tala’s curiosity. She follows up with another question:

“What can The Salvation Army do to help him?”

Not knowing the answer and wanting to satisfy his daughter’s thirst for knowledge, Aron decides to look The Salvation Army up online by visiting its website at Here Aron learns that not only does The Salvation Army provide assistance to people on the street, but it does so much more. This prompts him to say to Tala:

“It’s more than I thought.”

The stories Aron read on the website stir his compassion. He begins to see the man on the bench as more than just another face. He begins to see him as a human being – someone with dreams, hopes and skills – just like himself.

About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides direct, compassionate, hands-on service to more than 1.6 million people inCanadaeach year, restoring hope and dignity to the most vulnerable in society. As an international Christian church that welcomes everyone, The Salvation Army’s faith motivates its mission to serve and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

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