Hope and Comfort in Emergencies

Categories: Prairie News

The Salvation Army is ready to respond to emergencies at any time of year, and has ramped up preparations in case of spring flooding. In Saskatchewan, a new crew of volunteers recently received special Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) training, and will be added to our call list.

May 1 - 7th is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. Would you like to become a Salvation Army EDS volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of EDS, when there is often an urgent demand for many helping hands. A recent example is the Red Earth Cree Nation flood evacuation on April 16th, where about 250 people were moved out of that community. As per the direction of the Ministry of Social Services, the Salvation Army provided food services (four meals per day) to upwards of 150 evacuees housed at a civic centre in Saskatoon.

Photos, which can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/4yuj9wj, indicate how much evacuees rely on the good work of The Salvation Army and other agencies. The pictures also demonstrate how The Salvation Army relies on volunteers to step up in a crisis.

We always welcome more help. Most volunteer jobs do not require special training. However, volunteers must pass a criminal record check. If you would like to help us provide hands-on assistance during emergencies, or at any time of year, please call your local Salvation Army.