Taoist Tai Chi Society Helps Women in Crisis

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In Saskatoon, women in crisis can rely on The Salvation Army.

Some are fleeing abuse; others need to get off the streets. They find safe haven at Mumford House shelter, a warm and welcoming environment for women and their children.

Often, we hear from individuals and groups in the community eager to assist us in providing a safe haven and solid foundation for these families.

One such group is the Taoist Tai Chi Society. The Saskatoon Chapter invited us to attend a class of Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) and receive a cash donation for Mumford House. Accepting the generous gift was Captain Rhonda Smith, Executive Director of Saskatoon Community Services.

Donations such as these help with day to day operations at the 36-bed Mumford House. Women and their children often arrive with little or no possessions. We provide blankets, toiletries, clothing, toys, and meals. Staff members help them find long-term housing and support.

If you or someone you know is in need of safe shelter, please refer them to The Salvation Army. In Saskatoon, call 242-6833. Please visit www.salvationarmysaskatoon.org/mumfordhouse/ for answers to common questions about Mumford House.

Captain Rhonda Smith accepts the donation for Mumford House from Taoist Tai Chi Society in Saskatoon.Taoist Tai Chi is described as a “soft style” martial art that restores and maintains health and vitality. One foundation of the method is compassion.