The Salvation Army partners with Carmichael Outreach to provide voicemail service

Categories: Prairie News

Not everyone can afford a telephone, yet having a contact number and voicemail can be vital when searching for housing or employment.

Community Voice Mail is a low cost way for people to have access to voicemail. 

The Salvation Army in Regina is running a pilot project in conjunction with Carmichael Outreach.  Clients may register with either agency.  They then receive a voicemail number and record their own greeting.  They can then give that number to anyone, including prospective landlords or employers, who may wish to leave messages for them. Clients can retrieve their messages from a friend’s phone or payphone.

For the first three months, clients will receive this service for free. The cost for subsequent months is only $3/month. It is hoped that this system will soon be introduced in Saskatoon as well.