Summits of Change

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The Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services in Winnipeg has been operating The Prostitution Diversion Program(PDP) in partnership with Manitoba Justice since 1998. The program gives those individuals, mainly women, the opportunity of resolving their prositution-related charge through an alternative “camp” program instead of through the traditional court system. This three day, two night program takes place out of the city and introduces the participants to relationships and resources that may assist them in transitioning out of prostitution, and also provides much needed care and rest.

The PDP, however, is constantly challenged by the lack of residential resources for the women when they decide to get off the street. Needed are facilities and related programming of both a short-term(a few weeks) and long-term (a few years) nature that support the women in their decision to reclaim their lives. It is recommended that a “Safe Place” or Safe House be established within the city of Winnipeg for thoseĀ contemplating transitioning out of prostitution and then a long term transition home out of the city that would provide trauma therapy, counselling, skills training, and addiction recovery all in a home-like environment. Partnerships with other organizations (both government and non-government) are key to the success of these projects.

On Tuesday, September 7, 2010 The Salvation Army, CHVN 95.1 FM and World Financial Group are partnering to raise funds to provide a safe place for vulnerable women transitioning back into society. The Manitoba office of World Financial Group has initiated a friendly competition with World Financial Group offices Canada-wide to see who can raise the most money. The team that ends up raising the most will get to place their provincial flag at the summit of Mount Baldy in Kananaskis, Alberta. More importantly, all funds raised will go directly to the work of The Salvation Army.

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