2009 Flood Watch – Sandwich Factory

Categories: Prairie News


As the need arises and as local citizens remain on high alert throughout Manitoba, The Salvation Army continues to give hope to people who are assisting in sandbagging efforts.

Since the outset, The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Winnipeg has been producing all of the warm meals and the Weetamah Church of Salvation Army and its many volunteers have been making the sandwiches.

Last thursday, the province of Manitoba called upon the Salvation Army once again to provide more meals and with only two hours of lead time, 53 volunteers were called and in place, producing more food to meet the need.

To date, The Salvation Army has served over 4000 sandwiches, over 500 hamburgers, 70 gallons of chili, 35 gallons of soup, 10 gallons of beef stew, provided more than 5000 cups of coffee, and more than 4500 bottles of water.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping us help others in their time of need.