2009 Flood Response “Operation We Care”

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The Salvation Army has now moved into a full scale response within the province of Manitoba that we refer to as the “Operation We Care” campaign.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba – April 16, 2009) – As the Manitoba flood of 2009 continues to unfold, many people are faced with multiple threats. Rising river levels, overland flooding, and ice jams continue to create havoc for many. Some have been evacuated from their homes, while many more remain on standby.

The Salvation Army is committed to Giving Hope Today to all citizens of Manitoba supporting the people affected by the spring flooding. With this in mind, it has become clear that we move into a full scale operation that we refer to as “Operation We Care” which was last in effect in 1997.

The Salvation Army Response

A. Now that a reception centre has been set up by the municipal and provincial officials, The Salvation Army has been asked to provide emotional care and physical nourishment to the evacuees at the reception centre at Century Arena.

B. The Salvation Army emergency vehicles continue to deliver food and refreshment to volunteers that are sandbagging throughout Winnipeg and neighbouring community such as St Adolphe, and Rosenort. Since March 25, The Salvation Army has served over 7000 sandwiches, 1000 hamburgers, 100 gallons of chili, 50 gallons of soup, 8000 cups of coffee, and more than 7000 bottles of water.

C. After the Red River crests, The Salvation Army will then move its efforts into restorative services and will continue to give hope to citizens of Manitoba.

How can local citizens respond?

In order for us to continue to meet the needs of Manitobans, The Salvation army is now asking for people to begin to contribute financially to the “Operation We Care” campaign.  Please call 1-800-SAL-ARMY (or 1-800-725-2769) or go online to www.salvationarmy.ca.  In both cases please memo “Red River Flood Relief” to ensure that your donation is allocated accordingly.